Law & Legislation

NJ Laws

Sex crimes in New Jersey fall under Title 2C of the NJ Criminal Code. According to NJ Law, sexual assault is defined as any sexual penetration, no matter how slight, without the victim’s consent or with a victim who is unable to consent. For more information on sexual violence crimes in New Jersey, read the comprehensive list of statutes.

  • There is no statute of limitations on reporting a sexual assault to police. You can report at any time.

  • If a survivor does not want to report to police, they may file a civil complaint within 2 years of the assault.

Legislative Efforts

NJCASA advocates for policies that support survivors of sexual violence, Confidential Sexual Violence Advocates, service providers, and allied professionals. Through sitting on the Governor’s Advisory Council Against Sexual Violence and working closely with policy makers, we set priorities and make meaningful efforts toward healing and justice.

Issues We’re Working On

  • A2640: Authorizes issuance of restraining orders for situations in which domestic violence statutes do not apply.
  • A3652: “New Jersey Sexual Assault Violence in Education Act”; requires institutions of higher education to adopt anti-sexual assault theater program, report allegations of sexual assault to county prosecutor, and provide students with information on sexual assaults.
  • A2154: Permits a witness who is under the age of 16 or a victim of any age to testify by closed circuit television in prosecutions for crimes or offenses involving domestic violence.
  • S2478: Requires institutions of higher education to adopt affirmative consent standard and other policies regarding sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

NJCASA Response

  • NJCASA strongly supports A2640 to allow all survivors of sexual violence to apply for a restraining order from their perpetrator. Read Executive Director Patricia Teffenhart’s remarks to the Assembly here.
  • NJCASA encourages more consideration for A3652 to further support the collective interests in serving survivors of campus sexual assault and holding offenders accountable. Read our full position here.
  • NJCASA advocates for expansion of A2154 to include survivors of sexual violence. Read our full position here.
  • NJCASA applauds S2478 efforts to adopt affirmative consent and require a partnership with county sexual violence centers. Our organization also asks for the impact of the mandatory collaboration in relation to the financial resources to be considered. Read our full position here.

Become an Activist

You can support NJCASA’s advocacy efforts by contacting your state legislators, testifying on proposed legislation, or telling us what you want legislators to know about sexual assault in New Jersey. Email for more information.